Eight Thousand Reasons


Rock Bottom - ETR-005

Down I go

Down below
Lock the door

So below
Under the floor
Shot the light
This feels right

Now I know
Wounds won't grow
Time goes slow
Oh can't let go

My life just fly away
I can't take it anymore
It's all so far away
I need to go and lock the door

I'm home
Home alone
Hiding from society
Hide from you all
No one left to touch
No one left to call
No one left to blame
No one left at all
If I just hide
Just for a while

Down I go

Way below
Lock the door
Cry out more

I fear its all too late
I can't believe that this is me
I can't just sit here and wait
Need to feel free

I think the door is locked
And I can't find the key
It's Getting Darker now
Oh can't you see

Now I know
I can't fake this like before
Shot the light
I'm hiding out of sight

I'm home
Home alone
Hiding from society
I fear you all
Please just let me fall
Please forget it all
If I just hide
Hide for a while
No one left to trust
No one left to love
No one left to hate
No one left to lie

If I just hide
Hide for a while

My life just flew away
Went through me and away
My mind is drowning now
It's all going in replay

What am I waiting for
I need to go open the door
Can't handle this no more
It's time to go to war
Need to get up in the light
With my body, soul and fight

Oh it feels good being home
Home alone
The doors are locked
The curtains closed
The lights are off
They might forget
If i just hide
Hide for a while

But I see the looks
I can see it in their eyes
They remember all the lies
It's safer being home
I'm Hiding in the dark
Where nobody can see me

I'm down Below